Will this market stay at at least 69% for at least 69 continuous days (out of 420)?
Jul 22

This market will be open for 420 days (unless it resolves early). If the displayed probability (rounded to the nearest % for the relevant values) is at least 69% for any continuous 69 day period before close, it will resolve YES. Otherwise, it resolves NO at close.

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@sixtynine is spreading

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It costs twice as much mana and generates one eighth the profit per mana invested for a whale with a YES position to defend a >=69% probability than it does for NOs to break through it, and the NOs don't need a contiguous chunk of <69% to win. This will resolve NO. Lord help anyone who tries to defend a YES position.

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@chrisjbillington its free mana 🤑

@chrisjbillington Yea, there's no way this resolves YES unless everyone forgets about it. Assuming vigilance, this is a 0%-er.