Will there be a new Wii Sports Resort Ass% world record by May 20?
resolved May 23

Resolves YES if someone posts a video in the comments of an Ass% speedrun in less than 74 seconds* before market close, or if I can find such a video online after it closes, or if there is a reliable source reporting that it has been done.

Since the rules were not explicitly defined in the video, here is the set of rules that I will use:

  • The runner must start in the Wii menu with English as the console's selected language.

  • The speedrun begins when the runner clicks off of the Wii menu and ends when the word "Ass" appears on screen in Wii Sports Resort.

  • It does not count if the word "Ass" appears as the name of a mii, or any other place where text input by the user can appear.

*Technically, the actual criterion is "shorter than the one in the video." If it's really close, a frame-by-frame analysis may be required to see which one is shorter.

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There has been a new world record for Ass% in golf, but it is slower than the overall Ass% record, so it doesn't count here.

It also gives a set of rules that pretty much match up with mine (It doesn't have the last bullet point, but that's probably an oversight).

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