Will any protest vote against Biden receive more than 10% of the vote in the rest of the Democratic primaries?
resolved Mar 6

In the Michigan primary, "Uncommitted" received 13% of the vote due to a campaign to vote "Uncommitted" as a protest against Biden's handling of the war in Gaza. In any of the remaining Democratic primaries or caucuses, will any single option other than Biden receive more than 10% of the votes? This could be another candidate, an option that represents no candidate (like "Uncommitted" or "None of these options"), or a specific write-in option chosen by more than 10% of voters (like "ceasefire"). This question includes all contests, including the ones in U.S. territories.

If Biden dies or otherwise leaves the race before the primaries are over, but no option has received more than 10% of the votes before then, this question resolves N/A.

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"Uncommitted" has 19.8% of the vote in Minnesota, with an estimated 75% in. This means it's mathematically guaranteed to be more than 10%, even if the estimated percentage of the vote reporting is wildly off.

Here's one just for Minnesota