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I'm looking for work! Here's my CV:

I've just finished a PhD in philosophy and political economy (PhD thesis available on request.). I'm looking mostly for about 16-24 hours a week work, and will use the additional time to try to get some journal articles published. The ultimate plan is to try to break into academia. I am based in Sydney, Australia.

If you give me a suggestion that leads to me actually getting a job I will give you a 3000 mana bounty. I am unsure whether the bounty system allows lesser rewards, but if it does, I will give:

*1000 mana for a really useful suggestion that changes the way search for a job substantially

*200 mana for a job or other opportunity I end up applying for.

*100 mana for something useful not otherwise defined- e.g. a tip about how to seek jobs which I find useful and was previously unaware of.

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Help train LLMs, pays 20 usd/hour (or 40 if you can code) and is totally flexible. Unless you want that 16-24 hours to be in some kind of industry, go for maximum flexibility.

Do you have data chops? You could search for RA positions.

Hey mate, I live in Sydney. DM me if you need help on the tech sector. It’s quite a decent sector that’s easy to break into especially for people with higher degree like yourself. I’m unfortunately not too experienced on the academia industry so can’t help you there.

You should focus on a job that evolves analytical practices in finances. Your skills in the econ world will give you the general idea of what to do, and your skills in philosophy would allow you to better predict and direct a company decisions moving forward. Keep inind that this is very much a number cruncher and is not the most ideal for everyone. If your more social, you should preference becoming a financial spokesperson. This is a person who goes around representing the company and there wants and needs. The draw back of this is that it would take longer to apply for and would be a higher bar of entry

Have you already read the 80,000 Hours advanced series and career guide? If not those could be extremely influential in your decision making

Not worthy of your bounty, but here's another (real money) bounty that might interest you if you're the creative type and like tech: