Will I achieve inbox zero by the end of the day (CEST, GMT+2)?
resolved Aug 17

"Inbox zero" is the elusive goal of having responded to all your emails. I currently have 264 unactioned emails (this includes Slack messages). My goal for today is to finally take action on all of them. Some of them have been lingering for months. Action means responding to them. Some emails may involve long tasks which I may move to my task manager instead of doing, but I will not be snoozing any emails.

I've only achieved inbox zero once before this year and I don't think I've ever been able to do it in one day, but I've also never focused an entire day on it before. Will this goal be done?

Deadline is 11:59:59 tonight, Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). I will not bet on this, but I'm curious to see if I find this market to be motivational.

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Congrats to all those who didn't believe in me and bet against me! You win this time!

@PeterWildeford so, how was it? Did you get to an inbox zero? In any case, pretty nice to get close anyway

@firstuserhere @PeterWildeford is quickly trying to get them all done but got immersed in the replying that he forgot the deadline is over

@sixtynine he's so immersed that he decided to bet on ECOWAS in niger market. seems legit.

@firstuserhere Yeah I got the closest to inbox zero I've been in two months so that was still really good. I went out to dinner though and didn't realize I'd be out so long >.<

I'm getting some questionable incentives from this market

predicted NO

what a graph, it even loops back

back at 77 ugh

@PeterWildeford have you found this market to be a motivational factor so far?

More importantly, have you received any emails today that you suspect are sabotage?

@firstuserhere I think it was a 3/10 for motivation. Maybe if I tried it on a day where I had more flexibility to choose how to allocate my time it would've been better.

@jskf no

i’m a believer

At 60 now

@PeterWildeford I believe

At 77 now

predicted NO

@PeterWildeford Are you leaving difficult ones for last, or doing them randomly / in an order?

@OzzieGooen mostly leaving the difficult ones for last - yep!

at 176 now

predicted YES

never bet against peter wildeford!

Down to 185 emails/Slacks left!

Down to 247

good luck!

predicted NO

Especially now that you have created an assassination market on your inbox.

@jskf lol

I guess today is a really great day to email me if you've always wanted a response!