Will another Starship successfully launch before 2024?
resolved Nov 18

Success is defined as a second starship launching and fully clearing the launch tower this year. And by fully clearing the tower I mean that the bottom of the rocket reaches a height that is above the tallest point of the launch tower.

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No. SpaceX is actively improving its Starship and Super Heavy rocket system after encountering issues during their first test flight. They are addressing concerns like fuel leaks, safety measures, and rocket performance to enhance the rockets for future missions. More than 1,000 changes have been made to the Starship since its last launch, and Elon Musk has indicated its readiness for a second launch. Although expectations for another launch in 2023 exist, differing reports suggest a potential delay until 2024. SpaceX aims for a successful launch with better altitude, but the readiness and uncertainties make a 2023 launch ambitious (SpaceX, October 17, 2023; Gover, October 11, 2023; Foust, 2023).


Does the "launch again" mean it has to launch land and launch again?

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@ChristopherRandles Nah, this is "again" after the first attempt.

@Mqrius The % seems to indicate that is what traders think so I suspect you are right but it seems best to be sure before trading.

The "another" indicates it is different from 24/7 combo that launched 20 April so the "again" is redundant, potentially misleading and best omitted from title unless it means launch land launch.

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@ChristopherRandles This market was created closely after the first flight test. Back then it still made sense to say "again". But yeah I would've chosen a different title as well.

Now clarified by deleting the again, thank you