Did the IDF intentionally kill Israelis on October 7th as part of the Hannibal Directive?

Previously, rumors that the Israeli military had intentionally attacked vehicles suspected of carrying hostages during the 10/7 attacks had been dismissed by mainstream media. However, recent investigations have yielded evidence and admissions that this protocol is really in practice, and was employed on the day in question. It now appears that the IDF attacked any such vehicles attempting to re-enter Gaza, even if they were reasonably suspected of containing hostages.

This market will resolve Yes if the investigation mentioned above confirms that the IDF killed Israelis under these orders, in the course of the intial October 7th attack, via strikes on targets reasonably suspected of including hostages. Only one confirmed death is required, but crucially, it does have to be in the general timeframe of the initial attack and withdrawal, and the strike must have been intentional under the Hannibal Doctrine; to kill an Israeli rather than allow them to be taken captive.

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/article/2024/jul/07/israel-idf-hannibal-protocol-hamas-attack-haaretz

Haaretz: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/2024-07-07/ty-article-magazine/.premium/idf-ordered-hannibal-directive-on-october-7-to-prevent-hamas-taking-soldiers-captive/00000190-89a2-d776-a3b1-fdbe45520000

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