Will I be unbanned from the r/destiny subreddit by Feb. 1 2023

I (u/bobsnavitch) was banned from the r/destiny subreddit last night (1/21/23) at about 1 am est. It was shortly (less than 30 minutes) after making this comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/10hhm4p/whos_watching_destiny_on_sneakos_stream/j58lugt/

steven bonnell, crying, tantrum, blue hair, fat, gnome, gravy

Now I know for a fact Destiny wasn't swiping on Tinder. He couldn't have been because he was too busy banning me from his subreddit for an obvious joke.

I have already filled out the unban request form.

If I am unbanned from the subreddit by 12AM EST February 1st, 2023 then this market will resolve to YES, otherwise this market will resolve to NO.

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Aghbought Ṁ15 of YES

good luck, brother!

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Orbiter Voltronpredicted NO at 50%

@Agh thanks bud, I think I'm gonna need it for this one lol.