If I carpet my room in astroturf, will I regret it in 2yr / when I move?

I recently visited the Rose Garden Inn, and really liked their copious use of artificial grass. I'm considering carpeting my room in it.

Market resolves:

  • if I decide not to get turf: N/A

  • else, if I take it out at some point before [2yr from now, or I next move]: YES

  • else, if I leave it in for two years or until I next move: NO (unless I consciously dislike it but only left it in out of laziness, in which case YES)

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Is astroturf rated for interior applications? New plastic may give off bad odor and even be unhealthy. Do you plan to install it properly or to just put it there? What will happen when it gets dirty (say you come back home drunk and throw up on it)?

Unsure about AstroTurf(TM) specifically (which I was using like "kleenex"), but online I find many people seemingly happy with their indoor artificial turf.

I plan to just put it there.

If it gets dirty, I plan to take out outside, hose it off, and leave it to dry.