Will Apple release its own AI-powered chatbot by the end of 2024?
Dec 31
Yes, through acquisition of already released chatbot
Yes, through internal development

The definition of AI-powered chatbot can be found here: https://tech.co/news/best-ai-chatbots

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What if a piece of Apple's chatbot is powered by an acquisition?

@Bart5f6d Good point! When formulating the question, I was thinking about acquisition of comprehensive functioning chatbot technology. That would still require some internal developments for integration. I will clarify.

@OmarB "Through acquisition of already released chatbot technology" is also vague. A lot of the technology behind LLMs is well understood and public knowledge. If you mean through a company acquisition that already released a chatbot, that's better, but there's already been several AI acquisitions, so it's still hard to tell which ones were instrumental for an eventual Apple chatbot.

@Bart5f6d What if I take away “technology”?

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