Will I find that the PIBBSS Fellowship was a success?
Success here is ballparked as two fellows (out of however many) producing inputs or insights that I find to be of high quality. I may resolve the question positively if other win conditions are met, such as one insight being worth organizing the whole fellowship, etc. Note that I have a negativity bias. This question resolves whenever the PIBBSS Fellowship posts a summary document somewhere, or negatively by 06/2023. Note that I don't particularly plan to do much of my own research: I'll read that document and defer to it with regards to object-level facts, and will attempt to read any linked documents. The fellowship's website is: https://www.pibbss.ai/ Feb 1, 3:09pm: See also: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/Ckont9EtqkenegLYv/introducing-the-principles-of-intelligent-behaviour-in for example projects.
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This is the first coordinated effort to boost multi-disciplinary AI alignment research that I know of. I think there will be plenty of low hanging fruit to pick up.
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Even if I and others consider it a success, Nuno. might be more cynical.
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Reference class used: AI safety camps, which have far less supervision, far less selection, far less pay.
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Buying YES on the idea that 1) cohorts are the new effective way to run education https://future.a16z.com/cohort-based-courses/ and 2) I'm impressed by the mentors I recognize
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I started this market at 15%. But I would be lower (maybe 5%?) if I didn't know the organizers and they didn't seem so optimistic. Hopefully this site might help me track of whether I'm calibrated about the success of projects.