How many new manga will @NoyaV read in 2024?
Dec 31
More than 20
More than 30
More than 40
More than 50
More than 60
More than 70
More than 80
More than 90

Stats from previous years:

You can track my progress on my AnliList page (last graph on the page)

I'll be using the Read Year graph as the resolution criteria.

Technically the graph counts "number of series started on a given year", but I'll count that as the number of manga read, since I normally try to finish them once I start.

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How does this account for on going series, ala JoJo or One Piece

@ErrorProne It only counts seires that I have started reading in 2024, regardless of their publishing dates. The series doesn't need to be over by the time the year ends, but I am trying to start only manga that have already concluded. A better title could be "how many new manga I will read", so I should probably change it accordingly. Thanks for the input.

@NoyaV this was more so asking about series that haven't concluded

@ErrorProne I'm not sure what else I could add to my comment to answer your question, so I'll try with an example. I started reading JoJo part 9 in 2023. Even if it were to end today, it would not count towards this market, as I would not have started reading it in 2024 (I'm counting parts as separate titles). Whether a series is ongoing or not has no weight on the market.

I could start reading 100 manga, ongoing or not, and they would all count. What I wrote in the description was to reassure this is unlikely to happen since I usually try to complete any manga that has an end before moving onto another one.

@NoyaV ah ok that is helpful.