Will X (was Twitter) be renamed in the next year?
Aug 31

Will the microblogging service currently known as X, which was formerly known as Twitter, change names again before the end of August 2024?

Resolves YES if the service known as X, hosted at x.com, undergoes a rebrand to become any other brand name, including Twitter. This rebrand does require continuity of service with X (i.e. a post on X is still accessible on the new brand website).

Does not resolve YES if Twitter brand elements remain in place, but may resolve YES if Twitter elements return where X elements had been placed, and this change is not temporary or due to a technical error.

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predicts YES

@Noit What if it is renamed to X.com?

predicts NO

@Noit Coming up for an alternative name for the iOS app, e.g., ‘X.com’ or ‘X app’ would still be under the X brand and should not be considered a rebrand.

predicts YES

@JamesRomeril Agreed, X.com is still X.

@Noit Apple gave an exception and allowed it