Will “Things Can Only Get Better” re-enter the UK Top 10 Singles or Album charts before July ends?
Jul 31

D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better was the anthem of New Labour’s 1997 election. With Labour looking likely to win the next election, the song experiencing a slight renaissance through the last series of The Crown, being played during Rishi Sunak’s speech calling the election, and D:Ream performing at Glastonbury the week before the election, the question must be asked: Will things get better for Things Can Only Get Better?

Resolves YES if either the original D:Ream version of Things Can Only Get Better, or a cover of that song, or a song that heavily samples the song, enters the UK top 10 singles or album chart at any time between market start and the end of July.

Charts will be as per Official Charts Singles and Album listings.

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Updated the question title because I realised it was out of sync with the end date, body, and my intentions.

There's no way this is a 1/3 chance. Especially since neither the band nor the Labour party want it to be an election anthem. I'm pretty sure the only people talking about this are politics autists.

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It’s not in the latest charts, and seems to have fallen out of the iTunes singles chart. Might be we’re not going to see things only get better?

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The song didn’t appear in the latest top 100, so it might be that a significant amount more activity is needed to push this to a YES resolution. Also, D:ream have declined to allow Labour to use it officially. Does that mean things will cease to get better for Things Can Only Get Better?

iTunes charts have the song as a new entry at number 5, seems like we might not need to wait for the election for Things to Only Get Better. https://kworb.net/charts/itunes/uk.html