Will Conservative MPs move against Rishi Sunak after the local elections?
resolved May 10

This market resolves YES if any of the following is true as of Thursday night one week on from the local elections:

1) Rishi Sunak has stood down as leader of the Conservative Party

2) Rishi Sunak has announced his intentions to stand down before the next election and confirmed he is acting as a caretaker PM until a new leader is chosen.

3) A vote of no confidence in Rishi Sunak has been announced by Graham Brady.

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Just for clarity, any notion of no confidence in the government tabled by any opposition MP does not count to resolve this YES, unless it leads to one of the “Sunak resigns” criteria.

I suppose there is one bonus criteria, if enough Tory MPs voted no confidence in the government for the motion to pass, then this must also resolve YES.

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