Will a new, full-length Stargate series premiere in 2023?
closes Dec 31

by "full length" I mean at least six episodes of at least thirty minutes, and not e.g. webisodes / minisodes / teaser content.

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Noit avatar
Noitpredicts NO

Given the writer’s strike rendering this unlikely I’ve opened a Before 2025 market with slightly tweaked criteria, have at it.

DanielPugh avatar
Daniel Pugh

Much as I would love the idea of this, they would have to start production for this to have a chance... I'd say maybe 2024, more likely 2025 or later...

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Noit avatar
Noitpredicts NO

@DanielPugh Yeah, this was created at a stage where it was potentially doable if it was already in early production, and before the various strikes were announced. Right now I don’t see how it could be achievable.

Noit avatar
Noitpredicts NO

if these rumours are true and a new film precedes any series, I will resolve this market “Yes” even the product is a hard reboot film rather than set in the existing continuity. So long as it still falls released within the allotted time.