Will a major musical artist embrace the Fediverse?
Jun 30

Resolves YES if any of the below criteria are met by any artist or group who have a platinum-selling album or who have appeared in Spotify’s annual Most Streamed Album / Artist / Song charts.

1) Set up their own Fediverse instance on their own domain.

2) Actively maintain a brand Fediverse presence on a domain not their own. Note that this must be an official, brand-owned presence, fan content or e.g. Twitter repost bots would not count.

3) Link to a Fediverse community or hashtag on their official website as part of a standard external links section (i.e. it is not enough to mention once in a blog post if there is a “Follow us on XYZ section of the site).

4) If you can make another argument that an artist has meaningfully engaged with the Fediverse then I will consider them.

For the purposes of this question, email is not the Fediverse.

For reference I would consider any of the platforms in this graphic to be part of the Fediverse, other platforms may be considered if there’s a strong argument that they should be included. https://wishu.io/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/image-5.png

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