Will Ohio be temporally enjoined from enforcing their gender-affirming care ban for minors?

The ACLU of Ohio is suing Ohio over their gender-affirming medical care for minors ban. The lawsuit uses a novel legal strategy compared to similar litigation.

This question will resolve YES if a preliminary injunction blocks the temporarily enforcement of Ohio's gender care ban. It will resolve NO if the preliminary injunction is denied or otherwise not issued.

The close date may be extended if no decision is made by it. A preliminary injunction only applying to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, not the whole state, will resolve NO. Appeals of whatever decision is made will not be considered.


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@traders https://www.aclu.org/press-releases/ohio-court-temporarily-blocks-gender-affirming-care-ban-from-taking-effect Temporary restraining order has been issued, still waiting on a preliminary injuction for the resolution.

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