[Ṁ100 subsidy] Will Ron DeSantis be publicly criticized by a GOP rival for his handling of Hurricane Idalia?
resolved Sep 5

By close time. At least one rival is sufficient to resolve YES.

GOP rival = anyone currently running for the GOP nomination in the primaries who is considered a 'major candidate' in polls according to 538.

Publicly criticized = any statement made publicly, in writing or orally, with journalists, as a press release, or from a social media account, expressing at least partial disapproval of the way Governor DeSantis handled the Florida response to Hurricane Idalia.

The criticisms can pertain to actions taken (or not taken) by DeSantis before, during, or after the hurricane.

I'm not a news junkie and can't follow what everyone says, so please feel free to submit candidates for resolution in the comments.

I will not bet in this market.


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@FrederickNorris see the comments below. The tweet complements other remarks made elsewhere by Trump. Together they very clearly support the interpretation that Trump is criticizing DeSantis over insurance policy in relation to hurricanes in the midst of his hurricane response. I get that you’re not thrilled but the case meets the criteria and I wouldn’t be handling this well if I refused to resolve when the criteria are met.

predicted NO

@NicoDelon If you stretched, insurance problems are related to hurricanes, not "Hurricane Idalia" specifically, which was in the question.

@FrederickNorris ‘The criticisms can pertain to actions taken (or not taken) by DeSantis before, during, or after the hurricane.’

PS: sent you M35, which is what I think you lost on this market.

predicted NO

@NicoDelon Thanks my brother. I do understand the uncertainties of betting on markets like this, and I'm mostly bringing this up for academic purposes.

@FrederickNorris no worries, it's all good

@AdamTreat Donald trump tweet check. Desantis critiqued check. Hurricane in picture check. Direct link between criticism aka insurance policy and hurricane check.

@AdamTreat Not bad. I think this counts.

@NicoDelon also, god he (or his social media person) posts A LOT.

@NicoDelon The article is worse even… seriously tears into DeSantis and mentions current hurricane season again and again

@AdamTreat Since he's only reposting a link, I'd be hesitant to have it count. But since this echoes criticisms he has raised himself, the context makes it count IMO.

@NicoDelon Yeah and he has been talking up how Desantis is on campaign trail and instead needs to get home aka insurance problems and then links the article

Yeah this definitely counts IMO

@Joshua I'm leaving it open for a few minutes if people want to squeeze out the last drops of mana.

hmmm do I finally do a 10k buy...

@Joshua if you have the balance go ahead. I promise I'll resolve YES in a few minutes.

@NicoDelon Well run. Thanks for the market.

@AdamTreat you bet!


I haven’t seen anything besides the ambiguous and loosely related stab from Trump. There’s still time.

nevermind, wrong nikki

@KevinLaw Not clear it does. Can you link to Trump’s post? The article is terrible. It’s unclear whether he’s blaming DeSantis for his handling of the hurricane rather than ‘slamming’ him while DeSantis is dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. The insurance claim makes it a close contender but I’d like to see the actual posts not just shady reporting.

predicted YES

@AdamTreat Thanks! Well that’s not sufficient to resolve YES to me. Sad!

@NicoDelon Journalists are the worst really.

predicted YES

@NicoDelon The insurance criticism is hurricane adjacent but yeah

predicted NO

@AdamTreat I agree. It was intended to be a critique but soft especially considering the source. I predicted no so I’m not bummed.

predicted YES

@KevinLaw Still waiting for Trump to bring up that Desantis talked to Biden about hurricane...

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