Will any rider win the Giro-Tour Double in 2024?

Resolves YES if any rider wins the general classification in both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France in 2024 (men’s races).

Sean Kelly: Tadej Pogačar’s Giro-Tour Double Prospects Have Leaped Forward


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Currently, markets for Pogacar winning Giro and Tour are at 80% and 44%, so this one should be at around 35%

@egroj 80% is kinda nuts, lol

@egroj Who else do we expect to run both and have a shot at it?

@NicoDelon I don't expect anybody else that is fighting for GC to even do both, let alone win them. I think this market is realistically only about Tadej

@Eliza who else could win the Giro, 20% should just be for crashes and it is probably too high. In fact, I just bid it up to 84% and made a limit order for 80% until Sunday, in case you think it needs to be corrected:

If he doesn't crash at LBL I might make an even higher one on Monday.

@egroj Obviously, I made the market for him, and so in a way, it's redundant since we can imply the probability from Giro and TDF markets.

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Seems tough, no matter what anyone's plans are!