Will ChatGPT or equivalent AI chatbot be able to recall the information across all our chat history by 2024?
resolved Jan 11

Right now the advanced AI chatbots do not recall any information outside a specific chat. Will this change by 2024 so that at least one advanced AI chatbot can recall all the information in all of my interactions with it?

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@NickHeinonen Can you please resolve? Thank you!

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@NickHeinonen https://memgpt.ai/

The chatbot is publicly available through the discord linked from website. Paper has details as to how it works (also linked on website).

Once you create your memGPT assistant, you can talk to it in a Discord channel, and it seems to have the ability to recall information across multiple conversations in that DM channel. Note that it doesn't support recalling info across different DM channels. Every time you have a question, you just ask it in the usual channel. It uses a GPT key, so it basically has all of normal GPT capabilities, plus this extra memory capability (as described in the paper). As such, I think this seems like it could "recall all the information in all of [your] interactions with it".

The only remaining question is whether when you say "do not recall any information outside a specific chat", you are implicitly making a statement about the UI of the chatbot: must there be a "new chat" button that creates a "new thread", and the AI must recall information across different chats (intended in a UI sense, rather than multiple sequential conversations within the same thread)?

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@theshortbread This seems to meet the criteria. It would also not take long to make a custom chatbot like this. It would just need to be fed in the chat history for every input, and there are papers on how this can be done selectively (i.e., trying to only recall the most relevant information to reduce noise).

@theshortbread That does it!

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Yes Of course, because the technology that Chat GPT use for data collecting is Web scraping and Web crawling. In web scarping they extract all the data from the websites by using automated tools. The chatbot scan the website for all the relevant information and store it in his database. which allow him to give up-to-date information on a wide variety of topic. Moreover it also collects its data from knowledge databases created by experts and it does gather data from other sources such as social media and open sources. So with the advancement of these technologies it is possible, because the data, pics, audio, video whatever information we upload online it is there somewhere in a database and it is quite obvious that chat gpt can and other bots can access that do.


@Farooq Actually they specifically prevent ChatGPT from accessing shared conversation links.

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In the light of some answers on /firstuserhere/openai-devday-predictions and /Soli/will-openai-allows-users-to-create , i think this market is underpriced

What do you mean by all the information? Do you mean ALL the information, like exactly rewrite sentences from the past etc?

@PatrikCihal It should be able to refer to any previous conversation the same user has had with it in the past.

@NickHeinonen What if the user specifically deletes a conversation?

@firstuserhere Then it doesn't have to be recalled if it is no longer in the chat history.

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@NickHeinonen I'm thinking of buying some YES then, if OpenAI adds in ability to upload documents that the model can use as a reference for the conversation (quite likely announced tomorrow), and we are also able to download all our past conversations with the model.

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@firstuserhere I wouldn't buy YES. The creator has said:

I think the question requires it to be a native feature of the chatbot itself.

and has not resolved YES on other evidence that such functionality can be cobbled together using existing tools. They can confirm, but I think they're going for it being an out-of-the-box feature.

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@chrisjbillington Well, I would argue that to refer to some conversation history, it must be stored somewhere. Similar to how a human would prompt another human, "Hey, do you remember when ..." , it makes sense for having the ability to tell the model "Hey in so and so chat, we discussed..." and further, if we can search across chats, and upload any chat as a reference for the conversation, there is a case to be made for YES here

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@firstuserhere Well you can buy YES on the prospect of openAI using their file storage functionality to implement out of the box memory of past conversations, if that's what you're betting YES on then for sure, the chances are higher than without that feature..

I thought that by talking about custom instructions you were saying you'd be able to tell ChatGPT to use the file storage features to access past conversations, possibly uploaded by yourself (or with automated syncing, with custom instructions telling ChatGPT to make API calls or whatnot). Which wouldn't be "out of the box" memory, you're kind of implementing it yourself still (using admittedly powerful tools).

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Vertex AI already supports this. I believe this should already resolve as a yes.

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@Hello This seems like a platform for making various things related to generative AI, I would think someone would need to implement a chatbot actually using those features, and make it available, for this to resolve YES based on it.

@chrisjbillington You’re correct, it’s a platform. It’s all plug and play and takes five minutes to put it together. They already did one as a demo. SageMaker has similar support as well.

I’m going to avoid betting on this. I just find it really strange. It’s like if someone created a market for “Will someone create a blog with Django?”

What does "recall all the information" mean? How long of a conversation are we talking, and what do you mean by "all"?

@theshortbread Any part of all the conversations that I have had with it, which must all be possible to save.

@theshortbread I think the question requires it to be a native feature of the chatbot itself.

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There already exist mechanisms to do this, it shouldn't be too hard to extend the functionality to cover it, especially if the market doesn't resolve until the end of 2024: https://arxiv.org/abs/2203.08913

@jonsimon manifold is just a theatre where ai advocates are the comedians

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@MarkIngraham8bfe I'm not sure what you mean. Am I the comedian here? I'm literally showing a paper that's doing this. This isn't pie-in-the-sky speculative AGI rambling.

@jonsimon mark is banned for being a troll

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