Will Vaush and Destiny collab in 2023?
closes Jan 1

Post a link to the clip in the comments to resolve the market. Otherwise resolves NO Jan 1 2024.

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SethoxBrainStorm avatar
Sethox BrainStormbought Ṁ1 of NO

Maybe if Destiny does a clean slate with connections again..

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higherLEVELING avatar
higherLEVELINGpredicts YES

@SethoxBrainStorm Im not sure if you're aware, but if you read the comments below. someone asked: if appearing a panel together, if that counts.
the answer given by the creator is that: Panel shows, 1-on-1 convo, live irl events and anything of the sort. Reactions/proxy-debates don't count.

All im trying to say is that a clean slate won't be necesssary fpr this to resolve yes. it may even resolve yes by the end of this month. vaush sure thinks so

SethoxBrainStorm avatar
Sethox BrainStormpredicts NO

@higherLEVELING Well I am thinking that Destiny won't even engage at all, but that's a solid argument. Destiny is not the type that sneakily pushes people off from panels. True

Traveel avatar
Traveelbought Ṁ4 of NO

Why did this suddenly surge?

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higherLEVELING avatar
higherLEVELINGpredicts NO

@Traveel they are both going to be speakers at VidCon Baltimore,
not saying they are on the same panel or will actually interact but that's what the surge is from.

SirCryptomind avatar
Sir Cryptomindpredicts NO

@higherLEVELING 😂 Vaush has the worst profile photo of everyone listed lol, everyone else looks normal or professional.

higherLEVELING avatar
higherLEVELINGbought Ṁ207 of YES

@SirCryptomind lol do u think they found it or he submitted it?

cuz everyone elses looks professionally done

higherLEVELING avatar
higherLEVELINGpredicts YES

@SirCryptomind they will be on the same panel btw

SirCryptomind avatar
Sir Cryptomindsold Ṁ30 of NO

@higherLEVELING They look submitted, but who knows haha.

Gen avatar
Genzybought Ṁ8 of YES

Does appearing on a panel together qualify as a collab?

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NewPlace2Frown avatar

@Gen yes any meaningful live interaction.

Panel shows, 1-on-1 convo, live irl events and anything of the sort. Reactions/proxy-debates don't count.