Will there be a Nintendo Direct in September 2023?
resolved Sep 14

Only a Direct that shows upcoming Nintendo games or DLC counts.

Close date updated to 2023-09-30 12:00 am

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N.C. Young

Once again, this won't resolve until the Direct actually airs. I can't see this one being delayed beyond September, but still.

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shgfshggsgshgfpredicted YES

I don't know why everyone is buying NO. Nintendo has aired game-specific Directs and general Directs within a month of each other several times, and they've always aired a general Direct in September since like 2016.

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N.C. Young

Hmm. The thing is, the newly-announced Direct will air on the 1st of September in some time zones, including mine. Perhaps I should have specified a time zone (the obvious one would be whatever time it is in Tokyo), but when I don’t specify a time zone I tend to prefer going with anywhere-on-Earth, which would resolve this YES. Keen to hear thoughts of others in the market.

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@NcyRocks On the one hand, it's probably fair to use the date the event organizer announces for it. Which of course gives us...

But on the other hand it's the "same" Direct that they "already" aired in August ... at a time that just happens to be simultaneous.

(Galaxy brain solution: resolve the Aug/Sep markets to the % of humanity experiencing a Direct in their time zone)

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@NcyRocks (probably a good idea to clarify a time zone on the Direct markets for future months while it's still uncontroversial to pick one)

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Now seems unlikely!

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General Nintendo Directs (i.e. not ones focused entirely on a single game) have exclusively aired in February, June (E3), and September since September of 2018. If we count a Nintendo 3DS Direct in 2016 as a "general" Direct, there's been a general Direct every September since 2016.