What will Trump's sentence for his hush money felony convictions include?
Jul 31
Fine of at least $10,000,000
Prison time
Fine of at least $1,000,000
House arrest
Community service
Fine of at least $100,000
Fine of at least $10,000

Resolves to the sentencing of the initial trial, not any appeals. Resolves even if the sentence is stayed and never take effect. Each option resolves individually to 100% if the sentence includes that option. If sentencing never occurs, all resolve NO.

  1. Prison time: Confinement in any correctional facility for any period of time included in the sentence.

  2. House arrest: Requirement to remain within their residence for a specified period.

  3. Probation: A court-ordered period of supervision over an offender, during which they must comply with certain conditions set by the court. Conditional discharge would not count.

  4. Fine: A financial penalty imposed by the court as punishment.

  5. Community service: Requirement to perform a specified number of hours of unpaid labor for the benefit of the community as restitution for their crime.

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Will this market be delayed since Trump's sentencing is delayed?

It's not clear to me.

Why Trump lawyer got prison time but Trump won't? Also. Trump has shown no signs of remorse.

Fred ElickboughtṀ500Fine of at least $1,... YES

Isn't the maximum fine $170,000?

Would a conditional discharge count as probation for the purpose of this question? Legally they are distinct and it is unclear whether conditional discharge meets the definition in the question of a "period of supervision" given that the normal supervision (e.g. of a parole officer) is generally not in place when there is conditional discharge.

@JakeLowery Thanks for the question. No, I wouldn't count conditional discharge. I'll clarify the description.

Maybe I'm out of the loop or something but this whole case makes no sense to me since when was hush money (while not the greatest thing to do) a crime?

@nuclearD I'm not a lawyer, but as I understand it: Federal campaign finance law requires all campaign expenditures to be reported, and spending by a candidate to influence an election is considered a campaign expenditure. There is also a NY State law prohibiting attempts to influence an election "by unlawful means," which would encompass the Federal campaign-finance violations.

@nuclearD the crime isn't hush money. The crime is falsifying business records. That crime is made more serious because it was conducted in service of other crimes, such as the illegal campaign contributions described in the above comment.

The news keeps calling it the hush money case because that part sounds much less dry than falsifying business records.

@jack ohhh that makes more sense but little side question (I am way to burnt out from the news to know much about this case) don't a bunch of people do that why are they going after trump specifically? Or does the news just not report on others being arrested for it (not trying to be sarcastic without being able to put inflection it's kinda tough to get a message across 😅)

@nuclearD New York has issued almost 10,000 charges for falsifying business records over the last 10 years. I'm sure that's still less than the number of people who did it, but it's not at all an uncommon crime to prosecute.

@DanMan314 and how many of those 10,000 cases had "falsifying business records" as the only charge?

DA Bragg went after Trump to damage Trump. Bragg is corrupt.

@jack I just looked more into the case and now I'm even more confused with everyone refusing or flat out not knowing what actual crimes he committed

@nuclearD It's falsifying business records. It raises to a felony because he did it to commit/service other crimes of state and federal election laws. Basically he used personal funds to hide his pornstar affair (violation of election laws) and tried to cover it up by falsifying his records. Lots of stupid reimburse, timeline details and stuff but simply he faked his business records to hide the Stormy Daniels affair so the electorate wouldn't find out before the election.

bought Ṁ500 Fine of at least $1,... NO

hahaha, look at the idiots buying Yes on the HUGE FINE markets to fool people into buying Yes on Polymarket! In reality, the maximum fine is 34 counts x $5,000 = $170,000