Will a new Faction Paradox audio be released by the end of 2024?

Faction Paradox is a Doctor Who spinoff series based on properties from when the show was on hiatus in the 90s. It had a short lived comic, and has had a fairly robust book series that's bounced around between publishers for something quite as niche as it is. There have also been sporadic audio releases, such as The Faction Paradox Protocols or The True History of Faction Paradox, by BBV and Magic Bullet, respectively. In 2021 BBV regained the license and began to output content that wasn't well received and found themselves neck deep in controversy for other reasons, so the license was yanked. Since then all has been quiet on that front. However, on Halloween of 2023 a new Faction Paradox website was created, as well as a release trailer for it that used a record spinning.

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