Will I stop being a such a dumb bitch in 2024?

Resolves YES if my calibration is a B or higher on Dec. 31, 2024. Resolves NO if my calibration is a B- or lower on Dec. 31, 2024.

I will only buy yes shares and I will not sell them.

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You will not stop because you are not dumb

I think this is way overvalued right now: I have the majority of my manifold net worth staked on Contrapoints having a video coming out in the next 6 hours. If that doesn't take my calibration, I don't know what will.

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Update: My calibration grade has shockingly risen from a C+ to a B for reasons I do not fully comprehend. However, I am still pretty dumb, so my calibration grade may still fall!

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I believe in you!

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You could probably easily accomplish this by only betting easy self resolving markets. Bit boring though.

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@Toby96 I’m too dumb and akratic to do that very smart thing!

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I've been dumb my whole life; hard to change that but good luck!