Will Manifold support additional display formats (e.g. dates or durations) for numeric markets before the end of 2024?

Basically, will there be any way to create a numeric market, but choose to display the numeric prediction in some format other than a plain number?

For speedrunning-related markets, the format I'd be most interested in personally would be displaying durations as "hours:minutes:seconds". Other things that might be useful would be a date format, or the ability to append a unit to the value ("10 tweets", "26.4 cumquats").

In a perfect world, you'd be able to customize the display in any way you want with Excel-like formulas and string formatting calls, but that's probably quite complicated to implement and raises security concerns. So a few options for common predefined formats would be perfectly reasonable too.

Resolves YES if the market creation interface allows creators to format the result of numeric markets in at least two ways other than a plain number. (This also applies if there are two or more distinct market types such as "Date" added, as long as they're basically just predicting single numbers.) Resolves NO otherwise. I will not be betting in this market.

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Sense of numeric market is a rescan of a binary market, the fact that you can display numbers as a percentage between zero and 100 seems like it already satisfies half the criteria (1 out of two alternative formats)

@JimHays Yeah... People do already use yes/no markets to predict percentages. I haven't looked at the code to see if numerics do anything other than rescale the range, but it does seem likely to be basically just a formatting difference. (Although it does cost more to create numerics, for some reason.)

In my mind, the spirit of the question should be about adding multiple new format options on top of what's already there, though.

These questions are an example of the is-ought problem. Yes voters vote for a desirable change which will never happen, creating easy profit for NO.