Will it be possible to feature a market on Twitch again by the end of September?
resolved Sep 30

Currently, it's not possible to feature a market through the Twitch control dock page on Manifold. (I describe the issue further in a bug report.) Will I be able to do so somehow by the end of September? Resolves YES if, at any time before close, I successfully feature a market for integration with Twitch, and NO if I don't.


  • It's fine if a way of featuring markets other than the control dock (e.g., a "!feature" command in Twitch chat, or a button somewhere on a market page) is provided.

  • Similarly, it's fine if someone draws my attention to a way other than the control dock that already exists.

  • It's still fine even if there's an undocumented way to do this through the API or similar backdoor, as long as it takes no more than 10 minutes of work on my part to set a featured market. (But unauthorized hacking of a sort that the Manifold devs would not approve of would not count.)

  • I will not be betting in this market.

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Still seems to be in exactly the same state it was on market creation. I think I accidentally set the close date a day early, but resolving NO today in line with the description.

The generated header image is very pretty, but I'm not sure what it has to do with this market.