Will I regret the extra time spent working to save up for my wedding?

I'm getting married next year. Currently, I am pulling extra shifts (approximately 15-20 extra hours per week) to save up money for the wedding. All told, the wedding will probably cost USD 30-35k, of which I will be contributing half.

I'm enjoying my days (and consequently weeks) significantly less now that I'm putting in the extra hours. Additionally, I'm not super enthusiastic about spending a lot of money on a wedding (my preference would be to put extra money saved towards a non-maxed retirement account), but it is important to my partner.

I expect that I will enjoy the wedding day quite a bit, but I also think that I would quite enjoy taking that money and investing it so as to go back to my more relaxed schedule sooner than I am currently projected to.

Resolves to YES if, at any point in the 6 months following my wedding, I determine that I feel more regretful than not for having worked extra hours to save up the money spent on the wedding (for whatever reason).

Resolves to N/A if the money never gets spent on the wedding (for whatever reason).

Resolves to NO otherwise.

I will not bet on the market.

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