Will Penny be brought back to life in Season 9 of RWBY
resolved Dec 18

Question will resolve as Yes if Penny is brought back to life through any means in Season 9, as either a human or a robot. Question will resolve to No if Penny has remained dead by the end of Season 9.

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I watched the full thing. She wasn't.

@DaEpicFirestar I don’t really have any way to know for sure how to resolve this. Happy to resolve it if there’s evidence though?

If anyone can prove they were brought back to life, it’s easy to resolve it yes

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@Gen you can read the summaries of each ep online, faster than watching them all

@DaEpicFirestar Can you provide a link to a concise set of summaries? I'm assuming I could the Crtl-F through for "Penny" and be reasonably confident in the answer and resolve this?

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@EvanDaniel rwby.fandom.com

She doesn't come back to life, but she appears with dead characters in a hallusination

@DaEpicFirestar I’ll give the market a day or two as the maker would have got an email to resolve. If anyone else (Evan) wants to go through the summaries though feel free to resolve it

@Gen Yeah I'm generally a fan of waiting a little bit after close / after someone pings the creator.

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@Gen I think this can resolve now. The burden of proof is on YES anyways, and it doesn't seem like they met that