Will I be inconvenienced by Chrome disabling Manifest v2?


I currently use Google Chrome with the uBlock Origin extension. Some sources, like this tumblr post, claim that the planned deprecation of Manifest V2 extensions in June 2024 will make ad-blocking extensions impossible to use. But are those fears justified?

Resolves YES if the transition happens as planned, and I consider myself inconvenienced by it. This would include things like:

  • uBlock stops working, and I can't quickly find another ad-blocking extension for Chrome that works well.

  • I suddenly see way more ads getting past the ad-blocker.

If I find no such inconvenience within a month of the transition, resolves NO.

If Chrome doesn't disable Manifest V2 in 2024, this resolves NO.

If I stop using Chrome or uBlock for unrelated reasons before the transition, resolves N/A.

This market is based on my subjective judgement, so I won't bet in it.

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uBlock Origin Lite already exists, and it has most of the ad blocking capability of the original. The main disadvantages are a) slightly worse performance and b) rules cannot be edited, both of which are more relevant to power users.