Will someone die from or with H5N1 Bird Flu in America in 2024?

Third human case was confirmed on May 31st.

So far all US dairy workers.

Market will resolve Yes based on media reports. To avoid confusion anyone who dies WITH H5N1 Bird Flu *in the United States of America* will count. The death has to be confirmed in consensus of media reports by end of 2024.

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Yes I saw the news -- H5N2 -- in spirit of the market but we specifically wrote H5N1 in America so just related news for now...


Understood H5N1 not H5N2

@Moscow25 Just for clarification by America are we referring to the continent(s) or to just the United States?

@Shifbru USA = America -- not the continent

apologies not more clear

@Shifbru In English, there is no continent called America. There are two continents, North America and South America, which, if referred to collectively, are called the Americas.

There is no ambiguity in English. America is the common name of the United States of America, just as Russia is the common name of the Russian Federation, or France of the French Republic, or China of the People's Republic of China.

Mostly those who speak Spanish or Portuguese as a first language, when learning English, try to claim there is ambiguity, due to their upbringing being taught that the Americas form one continent. It's understandable, yet learning a new language entails learning a new culture, in this case a continental model.

Most native speakers of major world languages refer to the United States of America colloquially as America or a derivative of it, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian. Even Spanish speakers in Spain and some Portuguese speakers in both Brazil and Portugal have begun referring to the United States of America as America.

@Niko There's no need for an apology. The only apology should be given by those who claim there is lack of clarity when there isn't

1 human died— Just south of US, in Mexico, and h5n2 (strain in poultry) instead of h5n1 ( strain circulating in dairy cows in US). No known exposure, but underlying medical issues.