Will TSLA reach >$ 350 before 8pm EST on December 31st?

Market resolves if TSLA reaches >$350 ($350.01+) at any point before 8pm EST on the last trading day of the year at

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For comparison (1T market cap is about $320 a share)

I see absolutely no fundamentals that would justify this. Voting No. If you're gonna offer me free money, I'll take it.

Me and the homies betting No

bought Ṁ1,000 NO from 51% to 35%
bought Ṁ80,000 YES

I see you are lacking faith in me matt

bought Ṁ2,000 NO

Elon is an idiot, if he was right we would be on Mars by now

I first created this with the wrong title date, as i copied it from the last question, and forgot to change it, i did write it on the descriptions and the closing date of the question. Fixed within 3 minutes

Oh snap

opened a Ṁ80,000 YES at 25% order

Lets do this again?

@MolbyDick can you please change the question title to reflect the accurate date? 🙏 (still says 8/8)


happens! you changed it swiftly and @MattF is the only person to trade on it before the update (though the description and close date were right so hopefully he noted that)

bought Ṁ1,000 NO

Tsla is going back down to $150 on any timeline now to eternity. Happy with my trade.