Will Kabosu - the "Doge" Shiba Inu dog live through 2024?
resolved May 28

"Doge" - the Shiba Inu behind the doge meme, is a real dog, named Kabosu.

This market will resolve to NO, if the news that Kabosu has passed away in 2024 is confirmed.

If there is no such sad news and it is confirmed that Kabosu is with us in 2025 (Japanese timezone GMT+9), this market will resolve to YES.


Wiki about the dog.

@kabosumama Instagram page (main resolution source)


"A rescue dog adopted in 2008, Kabosu's rise to fame began in 2010 when she was a spritely 5-year-old. Her owner blogged about Kabosu, including several photos of the Shiba Inu. In one, Kabosu is laying on a couch with her little paws crossed, with a look of concern on her face.

The internet took over from there, adding the doge talk you're now familiar with -- "so concern, much wow," and so on -- in comic sans. The doge meme was born."

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