Will I be able to successfully complete No Nut November?
resolved Dec 1

I have not been able to do this in the past, but this year may have a difference! I am going for it. I will not participate in the market. Two days are so far so good. Please help me with your cheers and motivation, I hope you think of it!

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You big liar

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How are you not going to be able to nut at the DeSantis debate tonight?

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@KevinBlaw oh this is a plot twist - off to sell my Yes shares!

Today I busted...! ...a move! But I am still strong with the challenge!

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@Mirek Just so you know, this is not good for your prostate.

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@KevinBlaw You are wrong. It is completely fine.

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@KevinBlaw Just as wrong as you.

@DavidBolin yeah I think there is a lot of "reduce shame about masturbation" rhetoric that gets conflated w medical advice

It would be such a fucking good meme if it resolved no today

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I think this market was decided on November 2nd. Not sure why it is at 98%.

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@TheBayesian Insider trade much? lol

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@KevinBlaw I gather information yes

bought Ṁ100 of YES

all on red for a homie

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Think about rationalussy

Do wet dreams count?

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I believe

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How is this tagged “World”?

@mariopasquato Please understand it!

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@Mirek Several millions of haploid humans involved?

@mariopasquato potentially people @Mirek might wank to.