Will I collect 15 followers on my Manifold account until end of this year?
resolved Dec 31

My current number of followers you can check going to my profile.

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it's at 15

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@TheBayesian I'm new around here and not entirely sure how this works now. What if this user never logs back on to the site? Is our money tied up in this question forever? Or does Manifold sometimes go through and resolve dead markets that have clearly met the resolution criteria? I'm dealing with this in another market too.

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@father nah, a mod can resolve this

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It's 15 now.

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Guys just buy 10M yes and follow him, together we can win this, you can x5 your money

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@colorednoise I'd rather not waste all my mana on boosts on December 30

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@colorednoise lol, i flipped

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@mattyb we’re now 2 away!

Does this resolve as soon as you get 15?

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@oh Yes

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@MioszLupinski Time to resolve this to YES. You reached 15 followers a couple days ago.