Will the release date for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf be announced by the end of June 2024?
Jul 1

Will the release date for the next Dragon Age, which is currently known as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, be announced by the end of June 2024? This question relates solely to the announcement of a release date, not whether the game is actually released on the announced release date. As Bioware is a Canadian company, June will be considered to end when it ends in Edmonton local time (UTC-6).

A release date will only be considered announced if there is an announcement for an exact date Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will be released. More vague terms, such as “later this year” or “November 2024” will not be considered a release date for the resolution of this question.

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The game has officially been renamed to Dragon Age: The Veilguard. As my description specifies that this market is about the release date of the next Dragon Age, I will be resolving this market based on whether The Veilguard gets a release date announced by the end of June.