Will the Hayes Valley Trader Joe's open by June 2024?
Jul 1

The SF Chronicle reports that the owners of 555 Fulton plan to open the Trader Joe's in their Hayes Valley building by June 2024. This market resolves YES if a Trader Joe's opens at 555 Fulton and the general public can shop there by June 30, 2024.

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Hayes Valley's much-awaited Trader Joe's on Fulton and Laguna streets is set to open its doors this Friday. After overcoming several hurdles, including a year-long delay, the grocery chain is ready to welcome customers before its June launch.


Trader Joe's corporate confirmed the news Tuesday afternoon that the store will open Friday, May 17, at 9 am — with a ceremonial ribbon cutting taking place at 8:55 am.

Photo of Hayes Valley Trader Joe's under construction https://www.reddit.com/r/sanfrancisco/s/SY67KW0Vm0

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