Will Tom Holland in 2023?
closes Dec 31

Resolves yes if there's strong evidence that Tom Holland spends time within the borders of the Netherlands in 2023

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This is my favorite type of markets. Do they have they own group?

Upd. "Pun title"

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Tricky question. The base rate for famous people named Tom Holland visiting the Netherlands in 2023 is fairly high. On the other hand, this specific Tom Holland is known for going to great lengths to avoid spending time there. The Holland/Netherlands distinction is unlikely to cause a controversial resolution because Schiphol (by far the largest airport in the Netherlands) is located in South Holland, as are the main cities people tend to visit.

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Should it be the Netherlands in general, or specifically one of the provinces of North or South Holland? Using Holland pars pro toto for the whole Netherlands is somewhat controversial.

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Lukas Tilmann

The actor or the historian?

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