Will Joe Biden Publicly Refer to a Specific AI Model While President?

"Publicly refer to" means in recorded speech (so not a written press release/statement likely written by someone else), but it need not be part of a formal address (i.e. bringing it up in response to a reporter's question or at a campaign event is sufficient to resolve yes).

Examples of specific AI models: "ChatGPT," "GPT-4," "Chinchilla," "DALLE-3," "AlphaGo." Mentioning an AI company and referring to its "product" or some such is not sufficient.

Mispronunciations where its clear he intended to refer to a known model (i.e. "GTP-4") will resolve yes.

If a reporter asks something like "what do you think of GPT-5?" and Biden responds without repeating the name or otherwise demonstrating it's something he's specifically aware of, that is not sufficient. Repeating the name in perfunctory way that suggests no previous private discussion/thought about the model is not sufficient in principle, but presents a hard edge case that will resolve with my best judgment as to whether previous thought/discussion happened.

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What if he says "Diffusion" or "Transformer"?

@MaxBittker those are types of models, not specific models. I doubt those would count

@MaxBittker They wouldn't count in the general case. It's possible something like this could fall into the mispronunciation category where one of those words is in the name, but he gets the full name wrong and is clearly otherwise referring to the specific model. "Google's new transformer model" where the model has a name well known to i.e. Manifold users (that doesn't include the word "transformer"), is not sufficient.

Wrapped up in this question is whether Biden wins a second term. Is he does than the probability is high for yes. If not, it's closer to a coin toss.

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@jonsimon Why do you think its a "coin toss"?? This is an 80 year old man who is only going to get more out of touch, not less. His handlers probably actively try to keep him from learning about ChatGPT etc because it would confuse and distract him from the other confusing and distracting priorities that every president faces. Maybe his grandkids show it to him, idk, but he has been understandably cautious about engaging with the tech industry since his cringe press conference at Theranos headquarters as VP months before the collapse.

I am curious how this resolves if it is included in a prepared statement attributed to him vs if he says it on television?

@BTE Speech means spoken speech, including if he reads it from notes or off a teleprompter. These would resolves yes. If written only, that's not sufficient.

@BTE If there's a text only interview released from a credible source and the model name is within quotation marks from Biden, that will resolve yes

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