Will there be a play-money Manifold fork by 2025-04-23?

It has to be an honest effort and get 15 DAUs (1% of current Manifold) for 30 days.

I won't bet on this market.

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By fork, do you mean a literal fork of manifold’s code, or just any attempt to recreate a prediction market with play money?

@TonyPepperoni a literal fork or a spiritual fork but not any attempt to do anything similar.

anyone interested in helping?

@strutheo doesn't manifold stay playmoney friendly? How the version would differ?

@KongoLandwalker no more managrams, no more NA, no more bounties, among other slight changes to the mana economy

@strutheo i know about the changes. Those features are not the core of the concept "play money", so i don't understand why you use the term. It stays play money as it was: no need to input money, no obligationd, for most users still no value in mana.

So you play version will just bring interpersonal transactions back?

@KongoLandwalker i think people want mana to be 100% separate from whatever new monetized conversions they are adding. psychologically it changes how people bet/use mana, it removes a lot of the fun/social aspects of mana, and just feels messy overall. if they just made a totally new unrelated currency i'd be on board with the pivot tbh.

opened a Ṁ1 NO at 39% order

@strutheo i like the new changes. I found it silly that balances grow no matter what (for most people rate of daily bonus overrunning rate of losses). Soon plots will be meaningful at least, previously they were all constantly growing.

@strutheo I’d be interested, I made a market for it: