Will Manifold allow market creators to noticeably prohibit themselves from trading on their own markets, by 2024-05-11?
May 11
  • There have been multiple markets where the creator has incorrectly resolved their market for profit

  • In addition, it is difficult to ignore the profit incentive for even the most honorable market creators. Your judgment is simply less trustworthy

  • As such, it is totally rational to distrust markets where there is a profit incentive for the creator

  • As a market creator, I'd like the ability to increase my credibility by selecting a toggle in my market regarding whether I can bet in it - and for it to be clear to traders whether I can or not

    • This also eliminates the need for a lot of caveats that I and other market creators will sometimes provide

Discussed in this feature request post.

Market closes 2024-05-11

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