Will anyone be stripped of their trustworthyishness by the end of 2023 due to inactivity?
resolved Nov 13

Only counts Manifold removing the badge from an individual because they were deemed unworthy due to inactivity. If the badge is removed entirely, this market resolves N/A. (Unless someone was stripped of it first of course.)

If the badge is renamed, this market still tracks that badge.

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from discord, message by Sinclair

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@firstuserhere RIP - I called it but didn't get the prize. 😭

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Peter Wildeford has the trustworthy badge and he quit manifold publicly over a month ago.

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@firstuserhere I missed that. How come?

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@MartinRandall Invite to Richard Hanania for Manifest (link to comment and discussion) (since then he's made no comment and has made no bets in 1.5 months as of now)