Will Twitter ban pornography by the end of 2024?

It seems that there has been a recent push against NSFW content on a variety of platforms, likely starting from payment processors, in the wake of Internet censorship bills out of North Carolina and Texas, as well as pushes for the passage of KOSA. Major websites like Patreon and Gumroad have started cracking down heavily on nsfw creators or have decided to ban it altogether, respectively. Twitter is currently one of very few platforms that allows NSFW content. Will it change that in 2024?

Any Twitter policy outright prohibiting pornographic materials or anything similar will resolve this yes. Twitter is that site that you tweet on, no matter what name it's going by.

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NOOOOO i've stayed clean my entire life by getting my porn from twitter, never touched the hub


It looks like twitter has started to completely hide NSFW content. It's currently uncertain as to whether this is a new policy change or a major site glitch.

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@Marnix Word on the street is that Twitter's massively swamped with porn bots at the moment, so they might be taking a scorched earth approach to moderating the spam?

@nottelling2ccc I'm not sure - it's starting to look like it may just be a bug, since you can apparently fix it by turning the "show sensitive content" thing off?

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