Will GPT-4 be released before March 21st, 2023?

Screenshots/announcements/demos without anyone outside OpenAI able to access them will not count.
Any release before the end of March 21st (EST) counts (API, Playground only, etc.).

Release must be publicly announced, rumors or anecdotes don't count.
Resolution based on my best judgment, thus I won't bet.

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rockenotsbought Ṁ500 of YES
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Marcus Abramovitchsold Ṁ37 of NO

As a note, I am getting rid of my position slowly. I accumulated it doing a pseudo-arb with the market ending on the 31st (if it is released before the 21st, it releases before the 31st).

I forgot that I said I wouldn't trade this market

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Marcus Abramovitchpredicted NO at 65%

Just going to comment that there is now 8 days to go, a massive banking crisis in the US and this is trading at 65%.