Who will be the next chess player to cross 2800 Elo points (FIDE classical)
Hikaru Nakamura
Ian Nepomniachtchi
Ding Liren
Praggnanandhaa R
Alireza Firouzja
Nodirbek Abdusattorov
D Gukesh
Arjun Erigaisi

Based on official FIDE classical ratings, not live.

If two players pass the threshold at the same update, will resolve based on who passed the threshold in live ratings first. If there is still a tie, then it will resolve based on which tied player has the higher rating.

Can resolve as Magnus or Fabi in the event that he dips below 2800 in the official (non live) ratings and then passes it again in a later month.

Resolution date will be extended as needed.

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Naka is above 2800 at the end of Norway. I don't see anything else scheduled for him in June, so I expect this to resolve to Naka at the end of June

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Hikaru did it!

@VaibhavGupta the fide website has him at 2794?

@Mad https://ratings.fide.com/top_lists.phtml is the resolution source. The interface looks like 2700chess but even their front-page shows Hikaru below 2800?

@Mad Hikaru just beat Caruana to cross 2800 around 1 hour ago. FIDE list gets updated only at the end of each month. So, it was updated according to how the ratings were at the end of May, since then Hikaru has won 2 matches in a row.

@VaibhavGupta yes, per the title and description, this resolves based on the official fide lists, not the live ratings.

Hikaru at 2795, two 2800+ remain so. No resolution this time

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If he continues at his current rate, the answer to this question would soon be Nodirbek Abdusattorov.

March 2024 similar to February, no resolution

February 2024 has Magnus and Fabi still exceeding 2800 and Hikaru at 2788