Which of my beeminder goals will I derail on first?
Dec 31
[a hidden/private goal, if any exists]

https://www.beeminder.com/mad is my goal page so you can see my goals and current status.

Responses must be in the form of the goal slug - that is, the term in the url that is used for the goal. If it's not, it won't count (nb, I will use common sense if and only if there's no prediction using the correct slug)

I may or may not have private goals, so I have added a place holder option that will be correct if a private goal is the first to derail.

I derail about 2-3 times per year. The goal I most recently derailed on was "feedfish" in early June.

This will resolve with the name of the next goal I derail on (ie get a "legitimacy check" email for) even if the derailment in question is ultimately marked "non-legit".

I will not trade in this market.

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https://www.beeminder.com/mad/chesspuzzles looks like it's going to derail in 6 hours, due to an issue with lichess authentication renewal (i've done the puzzles, just the app isn't syncing with lichess and i can't fix it manually). i've messaged beeminder support but i'm going to be busy until derailment time so might not be able to solve it.

@Mad and once more their support is so quick on the draw that i think i am out of the woods, derailment-wise

@Mad maybe not.... Does not seem to have updated my graph yet.

Word to the wise: I'm at a baseball game that's going overtime and if I'm not home in an hour I'll derail on a goal.

@Mad somehow got home in time, omg that was close 😂