Will Netflix drop the binge-watching model by Jul 2024?
Jul 1

If Netflix publicly announces they're dropping the binge-watching model (releasing everything at once) towards a weekly model (even if a couple of episodes upfront and then a weekly cadence), this market resolves to YES.

This market can also resolve to YES if we have 7 high-profile shows released in a weekly/weekly-ish cadence.

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Why would they do that?

@jonsimon Some people cycle through streaming platforms, 2 months Netflix, 2 months Apple TV... Or just sub occasionally, watch everything and then cancel. Maybe this keeps people subscribed for longer.

@light yes, just see the distinct cultural impact of Last of Us and Succession

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@MP but who's to say that that cultural impact wouldn't have happened if it was released all at once? I could just as easily say "look at the cultural impact of Squid Games"

@jonsimon Ted Sarandos, David Zaslav, Bob Iger

@light I never understood why this new method of releasing everything weekly solves that problem.

Then, you just do what I do - you subscribe to a service once a year and "catch up" on what was released since then, and cancel and move on. It doesn't change a thing.

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  • Releasing over a longer period of time means the show will be a topic of conversation for longer. Instead of asking, "Hey did you see that new show/season that just dropped on Netflix?" once after the show is released, it's, "Hey, did you see last night's episode of that show?" every week for the season's run.

  • It makes it easier for two people watching the show to talk about it with each other because they'll be watching it at the pace set by Netflix, rather than, say, one person binging it all in one night while the other watches episodes gradually. So both people can talk about the episode that just came out, which they both watched recently.

  • Fans can speculate about what's going to happen in the next episode, which once again makes it a bigger topic of conversation.

Obviously , shows that are released all at once can still be culturally relevant, but I do think these reasons mean that a show released gradually has a greater chance of becoming relevant.