Will ChatGPT be mentioned in the 2024 US presidential debates?

This question resolves to yes if, during the 2024 US presidential debates, one of the candidates or interviewers says "ChatGPT" or just "GPT" in reference to the language model by OpenAI.

Edit: Clarifying which debates, this is referring to the same presidential debates as mentioned here https://manifold.markets/MatthewBarnett/will-ai-be-a-major-topic-during-the which are quote "the main (non-VP) 2024 general presidential election debates in the United States".

If there are no debates, this resolves N/A.

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Bet NO because I expect AI to be mentioned (50%) but don't expect a specific brand of AI to be mentioned.

@uair01 I think you underestimate how much laypeople equate AI with ChatGPT with AI. It's like how the older generation called every videogame system "Nintendo".

Strongly recommend removing the word "primary" from your edit, which has a very different meaning in this context.

@Jai Thanks I did.

If there are no presidential debates, does this resolve NO or N/A?

@JosephNoonan N/A - I updated the description with this.

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Wow somebody overcorrected hard. Happy to buy it back up to a reasonable value though

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@MLGaming please resolve

@cc6 I don't think primary debates count.

@cc6 This is referring to the same events as @StevenK mentioned, which are the main primary presidential debates in 2024. I updated the description to make this clear.

@MLGaming You mean the main general election debates. The one that just happened is a primary debate.

@JosephNoonan Yes the main general election debates - good catch

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