Will there be any transaction of Lorxus Favors at Midwest Furfest 2023?
resolved Dec 5

The Lorxus Favor is an experiment in delocalized trade and planning that Lorxus launched in late 2019. Favors, the small silver coins integral to the experiment, are traded interpersonally for needed favors or goods, and can be sold back to Lorxus for cash as a last-resort backup option. A more detailed writeup can be found at lorx.us/favor . Currently, 77 such coins exist, with 66 of them currently in circulation, ~25 people having ever conducted a Favor-based transaction, and ~100 transactions ever having been conducted.

The market resolves YES if any pair of non-Lorxus people truthfully report making an exchange or agreement where a Lorxus Favor played a pivotal role during Midwest Furfest 2023 anywhere within Rosemont, IL or Chicago, IL or their surroundings during that time.

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predicted NO

Sadly no luck.

predicted NO

Lorxus received a Favor back at MFF. This has no bearing on the resolution of this market.

bought Ṁ25 of NO

Betting some NO partially as a bounty.